[HCM] Business Intelligence Manager/Developer

Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh, - Head Office (Managerial Level) Toàn thời gian

• Gathers and implements effective business analytics practices that drive decision making, efficiency and performance.

• Collaborates with relevant departments to determine specific business requirements for reports and business intelligence solutions.

• Develops and enforces standards and procedures for the storage and retrieval of Data.

• Builds effective partnerships with coworkers with respect to priority of business not just department demand, throughout the Company by freely sharing appropriate information and provide help when needed.

• Protects confidential information

• Assists with other duties as assigned

• Technical Skills: Business intelligence analysts use complex computer programs to mine data sources and look for trends.

• Analytical Skills: A major part of the job is to determine what data trends mean. Being able to analyze the data is crucial.

• Communication & Visualization Skills: Once the data is analyzed, business intelligence analysts must communicate their findings to the company or their managers with proper data visualization.

• Problem-Solving: Business intelligence analysts need to look at the data trends and recommend solutions for creating more revenue and reducing loss.

• Time Management: Business intelligence analysts work on large projects and many data streams and many deadlines. Being able to juggle it all is crucial to the job.


• Bachelor in IT, Finance, or related fields

• 2+ year experience working BI activities

• Has strong analytical, conceptual and problem-solving abilities

• Possesses strong oral and written communication skills, clearly and accurately communicating complex or technical information to end-users.

• Self-motivated; detailed-oriented.

• Speak Vietnamese and English

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Lương: Thỏa thuận

Địa chỉ: Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh,

Phòng ban: Head Office (Managerial Level)

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 16/01 — 15/02/2019